What is Serendipity?

Serendipity is a 450-person burn-style event held in Morrison, TN (about 1.5 hours outside of Nashville). Comprised of half open field and half mystical woodland with permanent structures, pathways, and camping space, Serendipity offers all the ingredients for a magical experience. The Funny Farm is known to many as home every Memorial Day weekend.

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Serendipity 8 - 2019 - Welcome Home

Thursday May 23rd - Monday May 27th

Now that we have followed the steps to enlightenment, it is time for us to celebrate us. Welcome Home, let us celebrate us at home. Bring the things that create the feeling of home and bring enough to share. Bring your favorite genre of music and instrument to play it on, or bring food to feed others, or even bring your favorite candy.

Serendipity 7 - 2018

As we enter the 7th year of our journey together, we reach the final step on the path to enlightenment undisturbed or equanimity. In 2012 we started our journey toward enlightenment with Awakening. The awakening, we are present and we recognize the world around us. In 2013 we were Keen Discoverers or Dhamma Vicaya. We discovered many paths of life some more traveled than others. 2014 saw us reach the step of perseverance or Viriya. We realized that we had to keep our energy strong so that we can survive any storm. In 2015 we reached Rapture/Happiness or Piti. We celebrated our happiness Knowing that happiness is a choice that we make with in us. Next, in 2016, we attained Tranquility or Passaddhi. We learned to stay calm and tranquil in our body, our speech, our thoughts, and our consciousness. Then last year in 2017 we reached Concentration or Samadhi. We learned to focus our energy on the tasks at hand and not get lost in the see of distractions. This year we reach the final step called Equanimity or Upekkha. We have to stay strong in the face of all, to not allow the vices of life to control us. As we move forward on our path to enlightenment, we will keeps our minds calm, even with the negativity in the world around us. We will strive to have a Undisturbed mind.

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