Information here about theme camps, art, and events scheduled to happen. All information subject to change with the winds.

Theme Camps:


Serendipity Events


Opening Night Champagne and Lobster Reception

Opening night champagne and lobster reception at Census Lab. Bring your flute (glass) and your lobster fork and let's get this party started. Look for the Census Lab banner. Thursday, 8:15 pm, Census Lab


The Community Kitchen

We are a great community, and a hungry one at that. The Community Kitchen is a chance to share time, stories, and a meal with your fellow burners. Join us at 5pm daily for a slice of the chow, or bring along your own gifts of edible treats on Sunday for our community-wide sharing event.

Serendipity Census

This year at Serendipity we are taking part in a cooperative project with Burning Man Regional Network and Black Rock City Census. You may be contacted by a couple of nerdy dweebs in lab coats and asked to complete a Serendipity Census form. This is completely voluntary, you can choose to decline, or to skip any questions you don’t wish to answer. But please consider participating! This Census will not only collect information that will help us understand the Serendipity population, but will be correlated with Census projects from other regionals to help better understand the worldwide Burner community. We’ll publish the information in our AfterBurn Report so you can learn more about how we fit or misfit in with Burners around the world. Since it’s a truly random sample, you may or may not be asked to be sampled, but if you are, please consider taking a few minutes to fill out a form. If you have other questions, stop by and visit the Census Lab.

Serendipity Census: You count, so you’re getting counted.



Fire and stuff.

Fire On The Midway

Come join us in the afternoon when we will be making giant smoke rings and playing Bicball (using a life sized Bic lighter to launch stuffed animals). During the night we will be flicking our Bic lighter with a 30 ft tall flame, and throwing some fire balls into the sky.

Theme Camps


You have questions, our kid has answers. They may not be the answers you want or need... but they're answers.

Camp Coma

Join us for Jambalaya and Mojitos around Sunday lunchtime!

Camp Just People

Ride the Glampax - Daylight hours

How heavy is your flow? We have a solution to all your absorbency issues, right out front of our camp. Come ride the Glampax for the best time of your month!*

The Swanky Party - Saturday, 2pm

Come dressed to impress and rub elbows with all the best burners. Bring your fancy duds! We shall once again wallow shamelessly in imaginary riches by having a Swanky Party at Serendipity. We’ll dine on cheese and fruit while sipping champagne with all the best burners. It’s not yet confirmed, but we hope that a newly out-of-the-red-closet ginger might help set the tone by reading a fine selection of lesbian porn. Not part of the 1%? There's no need to "wine" because we've got that covered. Have your chauffeur drop you off at 2 o'clock, Saturday afternoon. Please, no shirt-cockers.

Ginger Parade - Time TBD

Bring out your red! The other 1%, the gingers of Serendipity will be braving UV rays to proudly parade like a soul-eating fiery wave - a parade to celebrate the united by their love of auburn, burgundy, copper, strawberry blonde and all the shades in between. Blessed are the freckles of this Earth, for they are the bearers of chromosome 16 and a sun umbrella. The parade will start at the red haven, also known as Camp Just People, and will wind through the shaded paths of the Funny Farm in search of the sacramental juice that is SPF 50+.

*CJP is not responsible for people who don't take their cup/belt/bag off before riding, and who then gimp themselves by falling onto it from a great height.

Coffee Camp

Delicious iced and hot beverages, served daily (until stocks run out). We will have hot, iced, and blended coffee drinks, and tea from distant lands. Delicious flavors and lots of cream/sugar options.  We start up 8:30 and run until 6 ish.

We will have a mike’s hug deli as well.  Mike gave us permission for a official hug deli straight from the playa.  Pick your favorite hug from a volunteer staff for the price of a compliment, or spend some time behind the counter giving out hugs.  It’s a world renowned playa favorite.

Keeping it Classy

We here at Keeping it Classy will do just that. We want to make sure you all are keeping up with us, so we will be bringing a mini Costume/gift exchange for you! Please stop by and say hi! Its Hologram's Birthday Shenanigan Weekend so she requires all the hugs and will have cupcakes in return 🙂

Image may contain: sky, cloud, outdoor and textMy Wife's Rack

Come check out My Wife's Rack! See anything that strikes your fancy at our Treasure Chest? Play dress up with us and our selection of fine fun sexy sparkly shiny sheer bright glamorous colorful flashy gaudy costumes, accessories, wigs and hats - find that magical something fit for only you. We are not a costume exchange—although we love donations—instead considering ourselves clothing matchmakers working to make the burn brighter for everyone. My Wife's Rack is open every day for dressing up and costuming.

The Wizard's Ball - Sunday Night

My Wife's Rack is hosting a Wizard of Oz themed dress up party. Everyone is welcome to join. We have plenty of costumes if you don't have your own.

One Nightstand

We are an adult theme camp with an inviting fire and hippy trap. Look for our single nightstand to draw on or pick up/drop off goodies, swag, and normal nightstand essentials. We are a fun interactive group ready for shenanigans.

Organic Inspiration

Organic Inspiration is a camp about being together, inspired by each other and our experiences at the burn. You never know what will come out of our camp. From drumming, to live music, visual and audio stimulation, hilarity and nonsense. We are a kid friendly camp.

The Great-Full Dogue

Come to the Great-Full Dogue for delicious Noms cooked up fresh for you and your Moms! We will be serving up brunchish and Linnertime meals daily. Menu is tbd besides pickled eggs, also known for our grilled cheeses on demand. Always with a side of cheer. Lots of games and stickers as well!!

With disk golf and corn-hole to entertain the brain, and hammocks to sleep the day away, we will surely be a favorite place to stay and sway.


The Where?House is back again. If you don’t know you better ask somebody.

Come shake your butt to our music, have a sip of moonshine, or just relax on our couches. The Where?House is here for you.