May 22 - 26th, 2014 - Memorial Day Weekend
On The Funny Farm
Morrison TN

All Ages

Scare-N-Dipity will return in 2014 and the dates have now been announced: Oct 30 - Nov 3.

The Funny Farm can't wait to welcome you home!
Serendipity is an all ages event now and i
nvites for §erendipity 2014 are now available at:

Black Rock Tickets.

What's new for 2014?

1) Updated kids policy. Children 0-4 are free, as they have been. Children 5-12 can now use a new half-price invite which is only $30. Childrens invites will go on sale approximately two weeks after Adult tickets.
2) Serendipity is in its third year and is now an officially sanctioned Burning Man Regional Event!

Burning Man

Serendipity is a Burning Man Sanctioned Tennessee Burn abiding by the 10 principles of Burning Man.
Please check out all info on here. Please remember - this is your event, so you are essential in creating


Thus, we ask you to sign up for volunteering. [Volunteer Schedule coming soon]

If you feel so inclined to take your efforts and love further, sign up for a Theme Camp and bring some crazy to The Funny Farm!

Invites for this year's burn are $60.00.
Children under the age of 4 years don't need to obtain an invite. Children 5-12 years of age need to obtain either a full-price or half-price invite. Half-price invites are not valid for anyone over twelve years of age.
Just as last year, invites will not be available at the gate. Sales will stop at least 72 hours prior to gate opening, or when the cap is reached, whichever happens first.
There is a limit of 4 invites per transaction. Serendipity is capped at 400 paid adult invites for 2014.

You will receive the physical address with your invite. Gate will be open 10am-10pm, though closed during the effigy and temple burns.
Please don't forget to sign up to volunteer and perhaps register a theme camp while you're at it. 

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