Serendipity 7 - Equanimity

Thursday May 24th - Monday May 28th

Equanimity or Upekkha is to stay strong in the face of all, to not allow the vices of life to control you. As we move forward on our path toward enlightenment, we will keep our minds calm, even with all of the negativity around us. We should strive to be undisturbed in mind.

Serendipity is a regional burn-style event held at the Funny Farm in Morrison, TN. Held on Memorial Day weekend, experience pirate ships and hidden tree houses, creeks and winding woodland pathways, and many surprising experiences along the way. Although considered a smaller sized event with around 450 participants each year, it has become renowned throughout its 7 years as a magical experience, with interactive art installations and immersive theme camps, and impressive structures set to burn for the Effigy and Temple. For many of the region's community, Serendipity is an important yearly pilgrimage.